Audifest East 2012

AWE Tuning has a new show strategy for 2012. You may have ready about it on Fourtitude, so I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say, we’re supporting about 50 grass roots shows around the country this year, as opposed to participation in any vendor events. As such, this takes us out of Waterfest for the first time in 17 years.  Clearly, a mixed bag of emotions from the team, though ultimately, the show is a great chance to meet AWE Tuning friends, but since AWE Tuning isn’t a discount brand, I decided that for this year, we’d pull out, and focus on getting to know our customers in multiple smaller venues.

This brings me to Audifest East.  It’s a high end event that we title sponsored, put on by Audizine. The event was both get together and German themed dinner at a four star hotel, in downtown New Brunswick.  A departure from Waterfest, the GTG portion of the evening was on a bright roof top parking garage.

AWE Tuning Audifest East

Following the GTG, a group of about 100 made it over to the hotel for the dinner & drinks portion of the evening.


German themed entrees gave way to give aways from the masses, including over $500 in AWE Tuning gift certificates, and even tickets to the entire balance of the season at New Jersey Motorsports Park.


So, I’ll leave the details to ‘yall on the forums, but in summary, a huge thanks to the team at Audizine for coordinating such a classy event — we were honored to title sponsor!

Until the next episode, watch out for these guys.Image

More eye candy from your friends at AWE Tuning. Thanks for reading.






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